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April 8, 2017  

One more time, we are going to celebrate. 


The Quadratic Brotherhood are back with this one final episode. Can you believe it? Giving you that sense of closure you crave, while scaring you senseless.


Always remember to Fright the BEEF! WYATETP, WYDIS, BUC & SITD.



December 20, 2016  

This is definitely not a Christmas Episode, so leave your festive feelings at the door and join us for another joyless romp through the undead as we investigate the supernatural and investigate Things That Go Bump In Your Shite.

October 31, 2016  

Welcome, boils and ghouls (what?) to the Quadratic Brotherhood Halloween party!

It's our Christmas! Revel in the festivities as we trade presents in the annual SECRET SATAN gift pool.

We play a RAFT of spooky games and also we hear from YOU! 

Check to see our spooky gifts and also follow us on Twitter @geshcast if you're a glutton for punishment.
Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Spending it listening to us is a superb way to spend your finite time. 
Waste Spend your time listening to News about Vampyre rivers, a feature called Dismembers only, a Quiz that will make you question your mothers sanity for bringing you into such a world. 

Space Yeti news

Mermaid News

Accompanying Video for the feature.


Man cannot live by bread alone, he also needs warmth, water and a fortnightly dose of news, features and quiz in the form of the west of Scotland's premier podcast for fans of the paranormal sciences.

This episode:

Ghosts get local
Rocketships explode
UFOs confirmed
A deep dive into global fears

Your time is up, our time in now.

SNES hits episode 9 like a ton of ghostly bricks, and we:

  • journey through Gav's plans for his down-home stag do,
  • swoop under the ice to Lake Vostock where organism 46B outwits humanity with its 14 strong arms.
  • head over to Canada where the Bushman makes you feel like making love.

Also on the show - Gav takes us through this week's feature: Get Tried Or Die Rich, The Hulk Hogan Story. A tour de force around the nexus of the supernatural, the legal system and the world of faded entertainers, the feature leads us to play WrestleVania where Terry takes on the dead much like he did at Wrestelmania V.

Finally, we play a round of Jeopar-day of the Dead where the answers are known, but the questions are a mystery.


Listen to this podcast and live forever.

This episode, Beelzebubbles features: 
  • Beasts in Baths, Soapy spooks and Mudpacks on Mummys. 
  • Kris is not afraid to as the Hard Questions, 
  • Gav calls you, the reader, a big baby.
  • Phil audits how other countries despose of bodies.
  • Gerry gives some Hot Takes on Fennel
  • Supernatural mailbag.
  • and lots of other frothy pish from the boys. 
Evidence Locker:

Gav's spooky ghost news: 


Back once again with another deep dive into the world of the supernatural.

Gavin and Gerry take your hand and guide you through the latest paranormal news. 

Kris gives you the lowdown on the Master of Stage Magic Harold Houdini in his feature.

Phill allows you to go wild in the aisles in his quiz.

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll subscribe, you'll review on itunes, you'll feel nice.

Don't you want to feel nice?


*bites your neck*

July 12, 2016  

Time to get scared as hell.

We hope you’re ready to return to the sun-baked streets of Benidorm, folks. All we care about is Kris Chalmers, right? So how did his holiday go? Find out in this in-depth report.

Lots to discuss, folks.

14:10 - Supernatural News

24:15 - Feature: Boo-Doir

Phill explores the raw and nasty world of supernatural sex. Not only does he look into recent celebrity paranormal experiences but also to the future; as he embarks on his own sexual supernatural awakening.

30:15 - A little bit of fun  - The Quiz

Finally we look deep into our Black Sack and find out the theme of next episode. Are you ready for such an incredible fuck-tale?

June 28, 2016  

We are back, folks. What does that even mean?

It means we have another episode full of paranormal news, discussion and laughs. Of course, we don't image you'll believe any of it without PROOF. That's fine, that's just the kind of person you are. Totally respect that. So here is the evidence...
Evidence Locker:
Kris' alien story:

Phills' snake story:
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