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October 31, 2016  

Welcome, boils and ghouls (what?) to the Quadratic Brotherhood Halloween party!

It's our Christmas! Revel in the festivities as we trade presents in the annual SECRET SATAN gift pool.

We play a RAFT of spooky games and also we hear from YOU! 

Check to see our spooky gifts and also follow us on Twitter @geshcast if you're a glutton for punishment.
Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Spending it listening to us is a superb way to spend your finite time. 
Waste Spend your time listening to News about Vampyre rivers, a feature called Dismembers only, a Quiz that will make you question your mothers sanity for bringing you into such a world. 

Space Yeti news

Mermaid News

Accompanying Video for the feature.