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Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Spending it listening to us is a superb way to spend your finite time. 
Waste Spend your time listening to News about Vampyre rivers, a feature called Dismembers only, a Quiz that will make you question your mothers sanity for bringing you into such a world. 

Space Yeti news

Mermaid News

Accompanying Video for the feature.


Man cannot live by bread alone, he also needs warmth, water and a fortnightly dose of news, features and quiz in the form of the west of Scotland's premier podcast for fans of the paranormal sciences.

This episode:

Ghosts get local
Rocketships explode
UFOs confirmed
A deep dive into global fears

Your time is up, our time in now.

SNES hits episode 9 like a ton of ghostly bricks, and we:

  • journey through Gav's plans for his down-home stag do,
  • swoop under the ice to Lake Vostock where organism 46B outwits humanity with its 14 strong arms.
  • head over to Canada where the Bushman makes you feel like making love.

Also on the show - Gav takes us through this week's feature: Get Tried Or Die Rich, The Hulk Hogan Story. A tour de force around the nexus of the supernatural, the legal system and the world of faded entertainers, the feature leads us to play WrestleVania where Terry takes on the dead much like he did at Wrestelmania V.

Finally, we play a round of Jeopar-day of the Dead where the answers are known, but the questions are a mystery.


Listen to this podcast and live forever.

This episode, Beelzebubbles features: 
  • Beasts in Baths, Soapy spooks and Mudpacks on Mummys. 
  • Kris is not afraid to as the Hard Questions, 
  • Gav calls you, the reader, a big baby.
  • Phil audits how other countries despose of bodies.
  • Gerry gives some Hot Takes on Fennel
  • Supernatural mailbag.
  • and lots of other frothy pish from the boys. 
Evidence Locker:

Gav's spooky ghost news: 


Have you ever wished on a star? Carried moonbeams home in a jar? If you have, maybe you should calm down, jeez. Have a nice seat and listen to the Boys from SNES tear apart the paranormal with an almost feverish intensity. 

This episode features:Chatting about Girls Aloud, Monkeys, Phil's love of all things Nautical... and of course.. a long and excruciatingly painful Quiz.
Evidence Locker:

Gerry's exorcism video:

Tooled up Monkey:

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Supernatural Entertainment System are back from outer space, ready to deliver some of the scariest audio content ever downloaded to a device.

Are you even ready? 

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Atlas Robot trying not to c*nt it in the snow:

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