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October 15, 2015  

If there’s one thing we know about, it’s the supernatural.

Agreed? Okay.


This episode we discuss the latest occult news, play some fun games and Gav talks about Paypal for a bit but that’s okay.

Oh and also we fight beasts and make one of them real. 

Evidence Locker:

Gav’s News:

AirBNB Competition - Don’t enter this, so we win it. Thanks.

Honey Island Swamp Monster Evidence

Phill news:

Lion with amazing hair:

Halloween green poop burger

Gerry’s news:

Hanging man shadow!

Kris’ news:

Have a look at Chubb’s ‘n Spudds

Humanitarian corner:

Help out Manly J Panda in his bid to do some good! Show some report for a fellow reader, letting him know you listen to Geshcast in the notes:


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