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June 14, 2016  

Hold onto your butts, pour some rice crispies, and strap on your sandals for a rip-roarin', plate-smashin' whirlwind tour of the Greek afterlife in another episode of the award-winning supernatural podcast. 

Join Gav, Phill, Kris and Gerry as we take an off-peak voyage of the damned into a strict running order that encompasses news, features, and - of course - the award-winning quiz.

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Gavin's Creature Watch - Satanic Goat:

Gavin's Creature Watch - Fighting Ducks:

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Have you ever wished on a star? Carried moonbeams home in a jar? If you have, maybe you should calm down, jeez. Have a nice seat and listen to the Boys from SNES tear apart the paranormal with an almost feverish intensity. 

This episode features:Chatting about Girls Aloud, Monkeys, Phil's love of all things Nautical... and of course.. a long and excruciatingly painful Quiz.
Evidence Locker:

Gerry's exorcism video:

Tooled up Monkey:

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May 18, 2016  

Supernatural Entertainment System is back for another WILD episode that will quite literally tear your ears off and throw them into the River Almond.

We also have a real test of patience for all our readers with a quiz that lasts f o r e v e r.

If anything takes your fancy, don’t forget to check out the EVIDENCE LOCKER.

Evidence Locker:

Gerry’s Ghost Video (GGV): 

Kris’ Disease Corner:

Creature Feature: Yabba Dabba Boo

Deception of a generation:

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Supernatural Entertainment System are back from outer space, ready to deliver some of the scariest audio content ever downloaded to a device.

Are you even ready? 

Evidence Locker:

Atlas Robot trying not to c*nt it in the snow:

Phill’s spooky meet:

Creatures from the deep:

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December 20, 2015  

Hell-o-ho-ho dear readers, and weclome to the FINAL.

Christmas is here, and nothing says Christmas like a fight to death between ghouls and demons in a range of exotic environments.

Are you not entertained?

If not, strap in and prepare to be sleighed and have seven jingle bells knocked out of you as the Quadratic Brotherhood take us through four beastly brackets before squaring the pentacle in the FINAL.

Whoever wins, we lose.

Evidence Locker

Phill’s News

Kris’s Anomaly.

Gav’s Naked news:

Gerry’s Van Scoop


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December 10, 2015  

We’re so close to the Supernatural Entertainment System Grand Final. How excited are you? 

Scared? You should be, a Green Beret’s gonna whoop your big ass.

Time to compose ourselves and get prepared. Visit to download your official Finalist Bracket Guide (FBG).

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November 26, 2015  

If you can believe it - we’re back with our penultimate episode for this current series! Once this show is over, you’ll know which beasts will make it into the series FINAL!

Exciting times! Plus all the latest news, discussion and other crud that you’ve come to love!

Evidence Locker:

Phill’s News:

Gav’s News:

Gerry’s News:

News story: 

News image direct link: 

Beast image: 

Kris’ News:

Sponsor Corner:

Why not do something good for once and sponsor Kris as he runs in the Santa Dash for…deaf…people?


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November 12, 2015  

The time has come again to gorge on tales of the paranormal, the macabre and the downright terrifying as we boldly venture into the mist.

A fantastic episode, this. Full of excitement, fun and of course marrow-chilling scares.
Evidence Locker:

Gav's news - Scary Asteroid

October 31, 2015  

It’s here! Halloween! Our Christmas!

This Halloween we make a small departure from our usual format and bring you tales from the A-LIST. That’s right. Celebrity spine-chillers!

We wouldn't recommend this podcast be listened to.


See the undeniable evidence for yourself:

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October 15, 2015  

If there’s one thing we know about, it’s the supernatural.

Agreed? Okay.


This episode we discuss the latest occult news, play some fun games and Gav talks about Paypal for a bit but that’s okay.

Oh and also we fight beasts and make one of them real. 

Evidence Locker:

Gav’s News:

AirBNB Competition - Don’t enter this, so we win it. Thanks.

Honey Island Swamp Monster Evidence

Phill news:

Lion with amazing hair:

Halloween green poop burger

Gerry’s news:

Hanging man shadow!

Kris’ news:

Have a look at Chubb’s ‘n Spudds

Humanitarian corner:

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